American Literature Course Schedule
               Subject to Change

Date  Reading Assignment Due  Writing Assignment Due
July 3 
July 5  “The Art of Biography” pp.1-5 and
  “Politics and the English Language” pp. 6-7

July 9  “Young Goodman Brown” 
July 10  “The Examination of Sarah Good” pp. 8-10
July 12  “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”  Persuasive Draft

July 16  “Wonders of the Invisible World”   Persuasive Essay
July 17  Chap. 1-3 The Scarlet Letter    Literature Log Entry 1
July 19  Chap. 4-8 The Scarlet Letter    Literature Log Entry 2

July 23  Chap. 9-14 The Scarlet Letter    Literature Log Entry 3
July 24  Chap. 15-17 The Scarlet Letter    Literature Log Entry 4
July 26  Chap. 18-24 The Scarlet Letter    Literature Log Entry 5

July 30  Review Book Analytically    Debate Oral Rep. Lit
July 31  Unit Review      S C Literati (IR #1)
Aug 2  Unit Exam #1

Aug 6  Slavery Works in Reader pp. 26-32
Aug 7  Text pp. 148-156     Research Assign #1
Aug 9         Research Assign #2   

Aug 13  Part I of Narrative of Frederick Douglass 
Aug 14         Biography Draft
Aug 16  Part II of Narrative of Frederick Douglass

Aug 20  “Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano” 
Aug 21       
Aug 23  Huckleberry Finn excerpt pp. 33-37   Biography Paper

Aug 27  Unit Review    
Aug 28  Unit Exam #2     
Aug 30  Ch I-XI of The Awakening    S C Literati (IR #2)

Sept 3  Holiday    
Sept 4  Ch XII-XX of The Awakening    Character Sketch
Sept 6  Ch XXI-XXX of The Awakening
Sept 10  Ch XXXI-XXXIX of The Awakening    Expository Draft
Sept 11  American Short Stories, Reader Section IV
Sept 13  Unit Review      Expository Essay

Sept 17  Unit Exam # 3     
Sept 18  Ch 1-4 of The Jungle     S C Literati (IR #3)
Sept 20  Ch 5-10 of The Jungle     Research Assign 3
Sept 24  Ch 11-18 of The Jungle     Research Assign 4
Sept 25  Ch19-24 of The Jungle    
Sept 27  Ch 25-31 of The Jungle     Hist Invest Draft

Oct 1  American Dream, Reader Section V 
Oct 2  Part I of The Great Gatsby   
Oct 4  Part II of The Great Gatsby    Hist Invest Essay

Oct 8  Part III of The Great Gatsby     
Oct 9  Unit Review    
Oct 11  Unit Exam #4     

Oct 15  Semester Review and Portfolio    PLAN Testing
Oct 16  FINAL EXAM – Portfolio Due   IR #4
Oct 18  FINAL EXAM     PLAN Testing

Oct 22  Last Class

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