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Saturday, May 8. 1999 at Camp Herms--Company of St. George Pas d'Armes

Unto all men of chivalry, whether they be Princes, Dukes, Earles, Viscounts, Barons, Knights, Squires or simply men of high repute, does Robert of Woodsende, Viscount and Knight, send most humble greetings on behalf of the Right Noble Company of Saint George.

Be it known that on the 8th day of May, that being a Saturday close to the Feast of Saint George, that the Companions of Saint George, assisted in their company by their Errants and others of noble bearing, do hereby declare our intention to seek glory and renown for both ourselves and our challengers in the lists on the grounds known as the Shire of Beaconsgate. After this most noble encounter, in the evening, will follow a Round Table and feast where matters of chivalry will be discussed far into the evening.

Item: The invocation for this pas d’armes will be held promptly at noon, a brief ceremony and introductions proceeding the fighting. 

Item: In the tradition of the pas d’armes which the Company has striven through the years to encourage, several forms of fighting will be available, though it is our intention to encourage knightly virtue in all forms, neglecting neither prowess nor courtesy. We ask our noble challengers to bear only this in mind, to bring themselves and their raiment such that they do honor not only to the history of our ancestors but to the ideals for which they strove, and for which we have dedicated ourselves, however imperfectly.

Item: Combat will take place in several passes, each pass featuring a different form of knightly exercise in arms. Each challenger may participate in as many passes as there is time, but we would remind our zealous bretheren to lend consideration to those whose opportunities to fight have been lessened through circumstance.

Item: At approximately twenty minutes after noon, following the reading of the rules and the introductions, there will be a grand mle in the field, single broadswords only. Each combatant may be struck three times before retiring from the lists; we encourage the use of ‘first blood’ encounters.

Item: Following the grand mle, our challenger may array themselves against us for single challenges, to be fought with sword and shield, counting blows in the manner of St. George that is to say the number of blows thrown to the number of five.

Item: Following these single encounters, there will follow a battle of Conroi, that is to say four companions at a time will meet a similar number of challengers in the field. The tenans that is to say the defenders will remain in the field, relieved only by other tenans seeking only the renown that comes through a well fought bout. Each of these encounters will be to two blows received per combatant only.

Item: At four in the afternoon, combats over the barrier will commence, using poleaxes, counted blows in the manner of Saint Michael to the number of three. The defenders at this time present themselves once more for single challenges.

Item: Finally, at Twenty minutes to five, there will be a final grand mle, fought over or around the barrier, using single swords, until the combatants tire or we reach five minutes of the hour. Then a final accounting of the day will be made in brief, invitations being extended for those to attend the Round Table discussion of chivalry topics we hope to run long into the night.  It is the sincere hope that the Company of Saint George might, in some small measure, provide enjoyment for those who would honor us with their presence this day. It is not important whether our opponents are great or small in stature or renown; what is important to us is that sincerity in the love of chivalry rule the day, it being believed by us that it this spark of life holds great value no matter where it is found, and it is our quest to seek as many such lights as we might find upon the fields this day.

----Sir Robert of Woodesende, Viscount, Steward of the Company 

Contact Robert Holland for more information.
Robert Holland, AKA SCA Viscount Sir Robert of Woodsende, 925.551.7986

1999--Spring Pas d'Armes - May 8, 1999
Shire of Beaconsgate (Camp Herms, Berkeley, CA)

Steward: Viscount Sir Robert of Woodesendedate unset