Each set of Chronique questions is proposed by the editors of Chronique to stimulate chivalric discussion. They are often broad in their context, in an attempt to have them pertain to the majority of our members. Answers can be made in any context that makes sense; the editors will choose a variety of responses to include in the upcoming issue of Chronique. Those whose responses are chosen will receive a complimentary issue of our Journal, so please fill in the information below before continuing on to the questions. We hope you enjoy them! 

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Question #1: With regard to tournaments and knightly conduct in re-enactments, should the romantic ideal or the medieval reality play a larger role?

Question #2: It has been argued that medieval romances strove to provide a better example of knightly conduct, implying that the reality of the time was less than ideal. How do you believe these stories really affected the knights themselves?

Question #3: What role has the romantic ideal had on your experience as a combatant, consort, or member of the gallery? Or perhaps on your life as a whole?

Question #4: Modern ideas of courtesy and justice differ greatly from their medieval counterparts. Which ideas should be considered 'proper' in a modern re-enactment of a medieval society?

Question #5: You are a knight at Arthur's table. A foreign king has just slain one of the Round Table in a joust, but it seems that his lance was sharp while Arthur's knight fought with a blunt one. What action do you recommend or what would you do?

Question #6: Which of the Arthurian knights is your favorite--why?

Question #7: A knight of great renown returns to his golden pavilion to find his lady disshevelled, blaming a young man on her state and upon the theft of her fine ring. Enraged, the knight pursues the young man, and upon finding him, discovers that he knows little of proper conduct, but he has the ring and freely admits to stealing a long kiss, "as my mother bade me." What should the knight do?

Question #8: Name a quest that you would send a young knight errant from Arthur's court upon to bring him fame and renown.

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