English 10 Course Schedule
                                                                   (Subject to Revision)

What is the role of the individual in creating a positive society?

Date  Reading Assignment Due  Writing Assignment Due

July 6  “The Hero’s Journey,” Reader pp 1-8

July 10  Plato’s Apology, Art-School of Athens 
July 11  “The Hero’s Quest,” “Ps. 23,” Reader 17-23 
July 13  Book 1 of The Iliad    Persuasive Paragraphs

July 17  Books 22 and 24 of The Iliad
July 18  Reader 17-26     Persuasive Draft
July 20  Part I of Oedipus Rex   

July 24  Part II of Oedipus Rex   
July 25  Psalms (WL)     Persuasive Essay
July 27  Noah and the Flood    S C Literati (I R #1)

July 31  “Inferno” from Divine Comedy   Epic Adventure Draft 
Aug 1  Parables
Aug 3  “Wife of Bath Tale”     Epic Adventure

Aug 7  Unit Review
Aug 8  Unit Exam #1 – The Hero’s Journey     
Aug 10  The Prince excerpts    Research Assign #1

Aug 14  Ch 1-4 of The Prince      
Aug 15  Ch 5-9 of The Prince    Research Assign #2
Aug 17  Ch 10-15 of The Prince  

Aug 21  Ch 16-20 of The Prince    Biography Draft
Aug 22  Ch 21-22 of The Prince
Aug 24  Ch 23-26 of The Prince

Aug 28  Unit Review     Biography Paper
Aug 29  Unit Exam #2     
Aug 31  Acts I and II of Macbeth   S C Literati I R #2

Sept 4  Act III of Macbeth    
Sept 7  Acts IV and V of Macbeth   Trial Prep     

Sept 11  Macbeth Trial    
Sept 12  Unit Review and Test Prep   Problem-Solution Draft
Sept 14  Unit Exam #3

Sept 18  African Proverbs, Hymn
Sept 19  Sundiata Epic     Problem-Solution Essay
Sept 21  Ch 1-6 of Things Fall Apart   S C Literati IR #3

Sept 25        Spoke Diagram
Sept 26  Ch 7-13 of Things Fall Apart   Response to Literature
Sept 28  Ch 7-13 of Things Fall Apart   Research Assign #1

Oct 2  Ch 14-19 of Things Fall Apart   Research Assign #2
Oct 3  Ch 20-25 of Things Fall Apart
Oct 5  “The Second Coming”    Research Draft

Oct 9  Unit Review    
Oct 10  Unit Exam #4
Oct 12  Semester Review and Portfolio   Research Paper Due

Oct 16  Semester Review and Portfolio   PLAN Testing
Oct 17  FINAL EXAM – Portfolio Due  IR #4
Oct 19  FINAL EXAM    PLAN Testing

Oct 23  Last Class

Off-Track Readings:  Lord of the Flies and Frankenstein
The Iliad Game
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