English 9 Course Schedule
                 (Schedule subject to revision)

Can the Individual Overcome Injustice?

Date  Reading Assignment  Writing Assignment

July 6  Bullfinch Mythology Reader pp 1-8   

July 10  “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” p.3
July 11  “I Have a Dream” p.499  
July 13  “Sonata for Harp and Bicycle” p.33 Persuasive Paragraphs

July 17  “The Lady or the Tiger” p.49  Persuasive Draft
July 18  The Odyssey excerpt p.681  
July 20  The Odyssey excerpt  

July 24  The Odyssey excerpt   Persuasive Essay
July 25  The Odyssey excerpt   
July 27  Antigone   

July 31  Antigone    Epic Adventure Draft
Aug 1  Antigone    S C Literati I R #1
Aug 3  Antigone 

Aug 7  Unit Review    Epic Adventure
Aug 8  Unit Exam #1    Research Assign #1
Aug 10  from A Lincoln Preface, p.439 

Aug 14  “Beware of the Dog” p.147  Research Assign #2
Aug 15  “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” p.628
Aug 17  “The Woman Who Had No Eye for Small Details” p.91 Biography Draft

Aug 21  from Kon-Tiki, p. 465
Aug 22  “The Listeners” p. 638  
Aug 24  “The Loch-Ness Monster” p. 489 Biography Paper

Aug 28  from Hunger of Memory, p.533  
Aug 29  “The Spreading ‘You Know,’” p. 523 
Aug 31  “A Dream Deferred” & “Dreams” p.630 S C Literati (IR #2)

Sept 4  “Ecclesiastes 3:1-8” p. 645   
Sept 5  Unit Review and Test Prep  Problem-Solution Draft
Sept 7  Unit Exam #2

Sept 11  “The Raven” p. 563
Sept 12  “Shakespeare of London” p.527
Sept 14  “The Seven Ages of Man” p.579  Problem-Solution Essay

Sept 18  Romeo & Juliet, Act I  
Sept 19       S C Literati (IR #3)
Sept 21  Romeo & Juliet, Act II 

Sept 25  Romeo & Juliet, Act III    Response to Literature
Sept 26       Research Assign #1
Sept 28  Romeo & Juliet, Act IV   Sonnet
Oct 2       Research Assign #2
Oct 3  Romeo & Juliet, Act V    
Oct 5  “The Cask of Amontillado” p.139

Oct 9  Unit Review    Research Draft
Oct 10  Unit Exam #3
Oct 12  Semester Review and Portfolio  Research Paper Due

Oct 16  Semester Review and Portfolio  PLAN Testing
Oct 17  FINAL EXAM – Portfolio Due IR #4
Oct 19  FINAL EXAM   PLAN Testing

Oct 23  Last Class “ The Gift of the Magi” p.183

Off-Track Readings: 

Gulliver’s Travels, To Kill a Mockingbird and Black Boy
The Odyssey Game
Extra Credit
The Antigone Game
Extra Credit
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