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Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction Available!
Directory of Modern Armourer's Marks
Armour from Rhodes Released! --Review
This is an entirely new presentation for the arms and armour section, hopefully one that will breathe renewed life into this neglected corner of the KCT site. 

Our plans for this section are ambitious; we're working on a "how to" for making riveted mail from interior retaining rings, offering a free listing for armourers with fine pieces to sell, designing a "knight of the month", and implementing a "sources" page.

This section is meant not only for armourers, but for anyone interested in the equipment needed to fight in a medieval style--equipment that can include clothing, shields, shoes, and the like. 

Brian's "Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction" will be out September 1st; published by Paladin Press. It promises to be unique book the field, one that we hope will provide guidance for novice and intermediate armourers as well as interesting material for non-craft oriented students of arms and armour. 

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Arms and Armour Glossary of Terms
Armor versus Armour by Brian R. Price
Top 5 Armour Pages

1. How a Man Shall be Armyd
2. Italian Armour from Chalcis
3. Armor versus Armour
4. Medieval Armour from Rhodes
5. Gallery of Armour

Hiring a Suit of Armour--c. 1248 (IMS)
Italian Armour from Chalcis--15th c.
How a Man Shall be Armed--15th c.
Mary Rose Equipment List --c. 1520(Hillsdale College)

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Featured Harness

Christian Fletcher

Directory of Armourer's Marks
Gallery of Armour--(old page, but still useful)
Edward III sword reproduction by Tom Griffen
Warhammer of Henry VIII reproduction
15th c. gauntlets in "retro" transitional style
Armour by Brian Price & the old Thornbird Arms
There's nothing here as yet, but lots is planned!
Brian's book on Armouring Techniques!

Contact the KCT staff for details on how to list!
Medieval Armour from Rhodes--Karcheski & Richardson
Arms and Armour of the Medieval Knight--Edge
European Armour--Blair
Armour from Castle Churburg--Trapp & Scalia
Armour from the Battle of Wisby--Thordemann
Arms & Armour Through Seven Centuries--Sir Guy Laking

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Medieval Reproductions
Charles E. Davis, Armourer
Anshelm Arms
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