Gallery of Arms & Armour
Brian Price
aka SCA Brion Thornbird ap Rhys, Earl & Knight, OL

There is something truly magical about a knight's harness, and it has been my pleasure for many years to work with and amongst those who strive to master the armourer's art. This page began as a portfolio of pieces I had created or worked on, but it has since become something more, the start of a gallery open to armourers who wish to display their best work.

We hope to expand these pages to include fine work from some of today's best armourers. In nearly every case you will find modern elements, but each of the craftsmen featured has worked to make their pieces ever more authentic, eshewing modernisms whereever possible.

This section of the site should grow quickly as I discover ever more examples that I think are of a quality of line and craftsmanship that they should be included here. Feel free to contact the site's producers if you know of someone who should be here and who isn't. Enjoy the work!

Arms & Armour Pieces
 Transitional Harness
C. 1400
Brian Price & Luke Apker
Italian Export Harness
C. 1460
Luke Apker & Brian Price
Black Harness
C. 1470
Brian R. Price
Transitional Harness
C. 1390
Brian R. Price
Pignose bascinet, C. 1390
Brian R. Price, 1987
Sugarloaf, C. 1310
Brian R. Price, 1988
Lobstertail Sallet, C. 1470
Brian R. Price, 1987
Norman Cone, C. 1100
Brian R. Price, 1990
 Roman Cavalry Helmet
Joseph Piela
Edward III Sword Reproduction
Tom Griffen -- 1998
 Sword Hilt C. 1450
Brian R. Price
 Warhammer C. 1515
Thornbird Arms
 Spangen faced helmet
(Sten's Helmet)
Robert MacPherson
 Milanese Mitten, 15th C.
Steve Sheddon
Gauntlets, C. 1390
Brian R. Price
German Arm Harness, 1490
Brian Price & Luke Apker
Mitten Gauntlet
in the 14th c. style
Robert MacPherson
Milanese Arm w/Reinforce
Brian R. price

The Thornbird Armoury
Joe Piela--Lonely Mountain Forge

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