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A Report on the First Swordplay Symposium Int'l Conference
IMA Combat Rules First Draft!
Lord Vitus' Challenge at the Ealdomere Pas d'Armes
Knighton's Account of Women at a Tournament--1348
Das Turnierbuch King Rene--Review
Accounts of the Ealdomere Pas d'Armes--Modern feat of arms
Jousting of the Lady Virgin (date unknown)
Passage of the Forrest Gate
Bonfield Battle Feats descriptions--Modern feat of arms
Well met noble comrades in arms and welcome to the Tournament Index of The KCT Resource Library. Spring is here and so begins another Tournament season. Throughout the wide and diverse re-enactment world, Feats of Arms,Prize Lists and Living History displays are being planned- don¹t miss out onthese excellent opportunities for learning, shared friendship and the thrilling clash of arms! 

As the Editor for the Tourney Index, I should give you an idea about what to expect here in the coming year. Herein you will find general articles on the tourney.These will include a  variety of writings concerning field
appearance and display, tournament formats, historical records and accounts of contemporary Feats of Arms. You will also find reviews of related books, web-published materials and the Roll of Fine Deeds. 
We are always looking for accounts of particularly unique events or
information on any new tournament formats. Have you been to a tourney that took you to new heights of enjoyment and inspiration? Tell us about it. 

Have you hosted a successful Pas, Round Table, Allegorical Quest or some new format that you think others would enjoy? Don¹t hesitate to share the experience. Comments, questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact me or any of the other Editors.

Sean A. Garrison
Lord Vitus Litold, Esq.
The Gilded Silence
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Evening at the Barriers, 6/23
Pennsic War Feat of Arms 
International Tournament in Italy! 9/22
Judgment of Paris, 9/29

The Behourdium Tradition by Michael Lacy
What is the Pas d'Armes? by Brian R. Price
Top 5 Tournament Pages
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1. Rene d'Anjou Tourney Book
2. Behourdium Tradition
3. What is the Pas d'Armes?
4. To Cry a Joust of Peace
5. Horatius as the Bridge
The Statutes of Arms, England, c. 1260 (IMS)
Zurich Roll of Arms, c. 1340--ed. Gerrit Bigalski (offsite)
Knighton's Account of Women at a Tourney, c. 1348,
To Cry a Joust of Peace, 15th C.
Philip Boyle's Challenge, 1442
A Joust In Paris, 1438
Jousting of the Lady Virgin (date uncertain)
Jacques de Lailing, 15th c.--a modern retelling (HACA)
Our KCT editor for history--Steve Muhlberger-- has done extensive work placing an online version of Froissart's chronicles along with a useful analysis. Froissart's chronicles feature a host of challenges, jousts, and feats of arms. 
Tales from Froissart, 14th century (Steve Muhlberger)
Tournament of Saint Ingelvert (Steve Muhlberger)
Analysis of St. Ingelvert (Steve Muhlberger)

At the recent pas d'armes in Ealdomere, Dom Nicolae dealt a most wonderful blow to encourage the right balance of prowess and chivalry as his wonderous crest was struck by a poleaxe, spilling out candies and flowers to the delight of the assembled ladies and children. Kudos to Dom Nicolae of Ealdomere, newly named Champion of Her Majesty's Guard.

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12th-Century Tourney at Flaming Sky Etienne de l'Isle
A William Marshal Tourney by Steve Muhlberger
Pennsic War Pas d'Armes Invocation by Brian Price
Horatius at the Bridge Pas d'Armes by Brian Price
An Event in Ard Creagh by Etienne de l'Isle
Bonham Pas d'Armes by Nicholas Cioran
Passage of the Forest Gate by Nicholas Cioran
Ealdomerian Pas d'Armes
Lord Vitus' Challenge at the Ealdomere Pas d'Armes by Sean A. Garrison
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TOURNAMENTS by Richard Barber & Juliet Barker
The Tournament in England, 1100-1400 by Juliet Barker
Chivalry by Maurice Keen
Das Turnierbuch Fur Rene D'Anjou (Folio)
Online Bibliography for Medieval Tournaments by Steve Muhlberger

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King Rene's Tourney Book
Behourd a la King Rene
Company of Saint George
Book of Fine Deeds

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