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he Joy Luck Club describes the misunderstandings of two generations.  Amy Tan shows us China, Chinese- American women and the motherhood bond in ways that some people have not experienced.  In the 16 interlocking stories puts in the mother, wife, aunt, lover, sister, friend, or any other woman out there.  The women in this novel are strong, intelligent, and show their true wisdom, you see the women out there are great.  I will also have to say that " The Joy Luck Club " was a bit boring at sometimes, but if I want to pass, I had to get through it.  In the end, I give it my thumbs up, and recommend it to all the readers out there.  Amy Tan has her talent in writing good books; if you want to read any other books by Amy Tan, check out The Kitchen Godís Wife, The Hundred Secret Senses
THUMBS UP!  Great Novel!"
Samuel P.  Foshay Learning Center
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