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Why can’t a black person have the right to eat in the same place as a white person?
Are we too dirty, too dark, or are you afraid we might rub black on you?
Do we carry some disease that no knows about and only white people can get it?
Why is it that a black school can never get the schools supplies they need, but a white
school get all the supplies they need, let me guess us black people are only going to be
maids anyway or do some odd job when you need us.
Why is it that you can’t eat with us but you can sleep with our women are they not black?
Why do you call us “nigger”, is it just to put us down because you know that if you didn’t
we could become some of the most intelligent people of this world?
Why is it that when we work for you you act all nice, but when your with your friends you shun
us away like where no one?
Why do you put us down when we tell you are dreams, is it because you know that we can one day
be higher in stature then you?
My black people why do you let people put you down?
Why do you let people predict your future?
Why do you put your dreams aside just because some white lady tells you your not good enough?
Why do you blame white people for your problems do you not know that they are only an obstacle in your life?
Only you can make your dreams come true not whites, blacks, or Hispanics, so ask yourself this question are you going to choose your future, or are to going to have someone tell you your future?

                                  by   Roxanne F.
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A Book Response to
The Learning Tree
a novel by Gordon Parks