• envision-u.com   Stategies för Success  
  • (7 Secrets of Learning - Martel)
  • *Connect & you can teach anything
    no connection-who are you teaching?
  • **Music (UP) on before Ss come in & high 5
    ***Have students sign-in as they enter
    **Teacher personally greet each1
    *TV on w no sound dolphins so Ss get their TV fix


    P-physiology change it & change feel
    O-oxygen deep breathing 1-4-2
    W-words no negatives I DO changes life (offenders put money in can
    E='s goal setting
    R -realize its alreadz in you
  • Oragami Review tool!

  • SKITS-(voice tone physiology) Words 7% of content emails mislead
    Tone - little more
    Physiology  BEST communication
  • Family Groups -NO DISCIPLINE PROB
    Arm "wrestling" - for •assumptions activities
    Food- greatest currency!


  • Students write BOOK-FUNDRAISING
    Give back to community--Food bank soldier ltrs, elem kids
    Pay if youre late penny 1st