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South Central Literati TV Taping
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My Track A scholars will have the opportunity to  keep abreast of homework assignments, their current class  grades and class standing as well as communicate with me, Ms. Gonder, via this web site.
What's New ?
Earlier this year, the A Track 8th grade team received a grant which greatly enhanced our knowledge of technology.   We will be integrating this technology into class lessons.
Rules of behavior around the technology devices
No food (including gum/candy) and drinks are allowed in the room at anytime. We must make sure the equipment is protected for all to utilize it.
The Gonder Zone
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Foshay Learning Center,
Los Angeles 
In the Gonder Zone standards-based learning will be the norm in order to prepare all my students to succeed  in their academic endeavors.
 In the School Year 2000-2001 we will study the five aspects of English (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking) all within the State  of California Frameworks for English.
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