Mr. Beebe has been teaching at  Foshay for two and a half years. He teaches U.S. and World History for the Academy of Finance. Though he previously taught boys and girls tennis, he is currently involved with any activities at Foshay. His hobby outside of teaching is playing the guitar. Mr. Beebe also loves mountaineering, basketball, tennis, hiking, basically any and all outdoor sports. Mr. Beebe loves Foshay because the students, despite the obstacles, their attitudes are generally positive and most are hardworking to achieve their goals. Mr. Beebe received his B.A. from Haverford College, his Teaching Credential from Chapman University, and is currently working on his Masters of Education from Chapman University. Mr. Beebe is impacting the lives of students here at Foshay by, helping students improve their critical thinking skills and literary skills. A quote from Bobby Kennedy sums up Mr. Beebe's personal message to Foshay students. " Some people see the world the way it is and ask why? Others dream of a world that never was and ask why not?


                    Mr. Barlow has now been teaching at Foshay for nine years, he teaches Economics, Banking and Credit, Securities, Finance, and Physical Education. At Foshay he is involved with the Academic Decathlon, Self Defense Club, and Professional Development Committee. Outside of Foshay Mr. Barlow enjoys, martial arts, scuba diving, surfing, water skiing, and race car driving. Mr. Barlow loves Foshay because of, the way he gets to teach different classes - the kids (students) are cool. Mr. Barlow, while in college attained, a B.S. in Communications, and a M.A. in Curriculum. Also, Mr. Barlow,  is currently pursuing a M.B.A. at Pepperdine University. Mr.Barlow likes Foshay students because, they seem interested in learning and have a good sense of self. Mr. Barlow is impacting the lives of students here at Foshay through a paradigm shift, exposing a different way to do things. Mr. Barlow's personal message to students at Foshay is that if you don't like the way things are,then find away to change them.  


Cheryl L. Gonder

(B.F.A. Theatre Studies Univ. of Wisconsin;

M.A. Drama-Criticism and Theory, SFSU)


Originally, from Milwaukee, Ms. Gonder came to California to attend graduate school and to pursue a career in drama.  Although she comes from a family of educators, she had promised herself never to be a teacher after hearing “war stories” from her parents, aunts and uncles. However, an extreme concern for children she possessed since she was a child increased tremendously after her own son attended public schools in Los Angeles.  This concern overtook her and she “answered the call” to be a teacher after years of working in Hollywood for Motown Records.  She has been an English teacher at Foshay Learning Center since 1996 and she thoroughly enjoys edifying youngsters.  Her students produce a television program called S C Literati, which is broadcast on cable channel 39. (See www.gonderzone.org)  She hopes to one day visit the magnificent castles and glorious Gonderine art of her ancestral home of Gonder, Ethiopia!




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