English 10
English 10
Amer Lit & Comp

AP Lang
Course Description 
AP Lit
The major purpose of this course is to provide a balanced language arts program that explores literary themes and genres. A series of language
Exp Comp
activities will enable students to listen, speak, think, and write about literature and connect literature to their own experiences. Through literature-based units students focus on central issues, discuss meaning, and argue interpretations. English 10AB meets the tenth-grade English requirement for graduation and fulfills the ?b? requirement of the UC/CSU Subject Area Requirements.

Instructional Units (Grade 10) 
Investigating the World of Thought
Perceiving Some of Life?s Problems:  Short Stories 
Focusing on Characters in Conflict:  Plays 
Evaluating the Experiences of Others:  Biography
Extending Imaginative Insight:  Poetry 
Perspectives on Contemporary Life: Mass Media
Identifying Forces That Mold Character:  Novel 
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