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S. C. Literati
is a concept that Ms. Gonder developed to help students become more interested in reading and writing especially literature.

"literati" means: an intelligent group of persons who are writers of, readers of and/or lovers of literature.

"S.C.", of course, stands for
"South Central Los Angeles, where our school is located.

In the year 2001, she received an AT & T Innovative Educator Grant to make her dreams for her students come true.
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AT &T Educator Awards
S C Literati
The Television Show

Students research, write and produce a regular television program,
S C Literati, which is broadcast over local public-access cable Channel 38 in Los Angeles and Channel 35 in Inglewood. Our 2002 season will air  on Fridays at 4:30pm beginning on September 13. 

The program will focus on current events and literary subjects, including book reviews and skits in which students portray literary characters. Students will draw program ideas and information from cable resources and online sources -- The History Channel, C-SPAN's "American Writers Series" and others.  
S C Literati seeks your input through this web site.

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Inherit the Wind
Power Point by
Zulema Osorio
Taming of the Shrew
Presentation by Manuel Bocanegra
The Great Gatsby
The Scarlett Letter